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Meet the Maker: Aiala Hernando

We have been meaning to start this feature for a while. We get to work with so many talented artisans and creatives- some who are already established, others on the rise but all with unique and interesting stories.  I can't think of a better person for the first in our series than Aiala Hernando.

I can't remember how I first came across Aiala's work but even before we worked together her feed was an influence on the inspirational lifestyle we aim for through our site and the products we carry.  Needless to say we love her eye and ability to make the simple look dramatic and convey emotions. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with her towards the tail end of last year. One thing that really stood out was the time and dedication she put to making this work. We are still a small company and sometimes you get folks who don't give you the time of the day  (or provide an inferior service) because they have hit the big time!  Even across distance  (despite the efforts of an inefficient postal service!) we produced some amazing images which translated into real commercial impact. Its awesome to shoot beautiful photos but even better when those shots make products instantly sell out!

LG: How did you get into photography and how did you develop your style?

AH: Growing up with a photographer for a father, I have always been surrounded by and interested in art. Also, having studied fine arts and having been a painter before a photographer has definitely influenced my style a lot, making it detail-oriented, full of gradients in light and studied compositions.


LG: Outside of photography what other creative outlets are you involved in?

AH: As said, I used to be a painter and still am in my free time. Also, music and dance have always been a part of my life. I  have played the piano (and guitar) for a long time and like to do so when possible.

LG: Is there a particular shoot or body of work you are most proud of ?

AH: If I had to choose, the work I feel more proud of is my still life work, both in terms of creativity and final result.

LG: Where do you look for inspiration?

AH:  I look everywhere for inspiration. Mostly in museums and galleries, rather than on the internet... I admire photographers like Gentl & Hyers and Ditte Isager.


LG: If you could pick up your suitcase right now and go anywhere in the world to explore where would you choose (1st answer that comes to mind!)

AH: Right now I want (so badly) to go to Morocco. It's a country full of colour, light, textures...

LG:You travel for work, Give us a few recommendations in your favourite cities?

AH: In Paris: Buvette for dinner, Saint-Germain for visiting galleries and l'arc de triomphe for the view. In Amsterdam, Hoxton for cocktails, Daalder for dinner and Herengracht and its canals. In NYC, Estela for dinner, SoHo for shopping and Ost Cafe for coffee.


Buvette: 28 Rue Henry Monnier, South Pigalle, Paris.

Hoxton Hotel Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Daalder Amsterdam: Lindengracht 90 1015KK Amsterdam

Estela: 47 East Houston Street New York 

Ost Cafe : 441 E 12th St, New York


 All images credit to Aiala Hernando.