Pre Launch

Welcome to LA GENT. This journal aims to cover the story behind products we showcase, the founders, insights into their craft, workspace, inspirations and vision. 

Pretty things, while nice are still just pretty things. We also have an interest in the more intellectual, so we intend to publish short essays on interesting topics from current affairs, development, technology and anything else that is relevant to the welfare of millions. We accept submissions so please send in essays keeping them short, facts based and include a short bio. Pictures tell a story often more powerfully than words so photography essays and galleries are also welcome.

In three words, inspiration, education and entertainment! 

What better way to start than with jaw-dropping beautiful photography by Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Mahora. These guys take world class breathtaking pictures and are fearless climbers too. Here are a few from Egypt and Dubai.

Vitaly Raskalov

Vadim Mahora