36 Hours in Milano

Milan has been having a bit of a moment. The World Expo, top of The Nytimes places to visit in 2015 and the increasingly popular annual design Salon de mobile. It’s been on  our list of weekend breaks for a while so we took the opportunity of the Easter break to schedule a very last minute two day break. However, our two days turned into a day and a half because the city centre was further than we thought from the airport.

We got a few tips from some Milanese friends in London before we left. Milan is a surprisingly industrial city, a bit grey in parts by Italian standards anyway but it belies some really cool places to visit and dine and is nice and compact to explore on foot. A typical example was Ceresio 7Above a normal street sat a chic rooftop pool and restaurant, perfect for aperitivo hour with lovely views over the skyline. We ended up having dinner here because we were exhausted after spending the day in Lake Como. In hindsight the food was a bit disappointing and overpriced but it's definitely worth going for a few drinks.

We took the train to Lake Como. It takes about an hour and you can jump on a ferry  to go around the lake. Unfortunately the weather was not great with poor visibility but we stopped off at a village called Bellagio for lunch which had been recommend. It’s a quaint town if a little touristy but still worth it.

Back in Milan we had very little time and there was lots on our to do list we did not get time for: Here are a few things we did see:

10 Corso Como: Milan’s premier design  shop in the mould of Colette in Paris or Dover Street Market. Its a lovely store with beautiful gardens and a nice cafe. A must visit.

Pizzeria Sorbillo original Neapolitan pizza: Great pizza although service was brusque and no English menus. I was struck how much their pizza tasted like Pizza Pilgrims in London or rather vice versa which is great praise indeed for a London chain!

Pave Milano: A lovely little breakfast place with amazing coffee and Italian pastries.

A lot of the design stores were gearing up for Salon de mobile so were closed but we did get to see a couple:

BDDW: An American brand with the most delightful pieces. Eye watering prices though.

Apparatus Milano

Nilufar: We didn't get to see that much here as they were preparing for Salone but they were super friendly. 

Trattoria Milanese: This was recommended by a lovely chap in BDDW and was an authentic trattoria for locals. I found out subsequently its almost 90 years old.

Some places we would have loved to get to were:

Potafiori: A cocktail bar /cafe with live music that also sells flowers.

The Navgli area and Mag Cafe: The area is centered around the canal and was recommended as the hip edgy area. 

BassamFellows Lifestyle Gallery: Part of BasamFellows, it features one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and a select collection of lifestyle products.

Massimo del Gelato: Recommended as the best gelato in Milan but sadly ran out of time.

giardini public indro montanelli


Ceresio 7: Via Ceresio, 7, 20154 

10 Corso Como: Corso Como, 10, 20154

Pizzeria Sorbillo Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11, 20122

Pave Milano: Via Felice Casati, 27, 20124

BDDW: Via Santa Marta, 21, 20123

Trattoria Milanese: Via Santa Marta, 11, 20123

Nilufar Gallery: Via della Spiga, 32, 20121

Potafiori Via Salasco, 17, 20136