Meet the maker: Susanne Kaufmann

We were recently lucky enough to visit Susanne Kaufmann’s spa in the Bregenz Forest in Austria to explore the philosophy and processes behind her organic products. Her spa is where she develops organic skincare inspired by the healing powers of Alpine nature passed down from generation to generation for a modern life. She not only provides exquisite spa services, but also an immersive and relaxing experience to fully benefit from the healing powers of her skincare collection.

As part of her collection, she’s developed Line M, a care system specifically designed for men. We decided to catch up with Susanne to learn more about Line M and her what’s in store for the brand in the coming months.

What is your inspiration behind Line M?

Men’s skin needs special nourishment and protection. It is naturally more robust and resilient than female skin but is stressed by daily shaving and by exposure to the elements. This interferes with the skin’s natural protective functions. As skin is damaged, it becomes dry and irritated.
We therefore wanted to develop an efficient men’s grooming line, with tailor-made products for men’s skin. To make them effective but gentle on the skin, all Line M products contain anti-inflammatory witch-hazel and a hydro-combination of ingredients derived from apples.

What makes Line M particularly suited to male consumers?

Line M is effective, practical and easy to use. For men, practicality comes in simplicity, especially is having a minimum amount of products serving several purposes.

In general, men usually don’t use cleansing and tonic. We therefore make our men’s cleansers more intensive to cover the effect of cleansing and tonic all in one. It is different for women, as face care and cleansing have become ritual-like, emphasising on routine.

Which is your bestselling product?

Our bestselling product is the Aftershave Balm. It incorporates an intelligent hydro-combination of the ingredients contained in an apple and cell-protecting ectoine, while ribwort and witch-hazel have an antibacterial and calming effect. Because of its light and moisturising texture, the balm is suitable for all skin types. It calms stressed skin after shaving, removes irritations and protects it from damaging environmental influences. With regular use, it diminishes the first signs of skin aging.

Do you have new products in the Line M pipeline?

We have several new products that we are currently working on. For men we are currently working on a shaving cream but the launch date has not been set yet, so watch this space!

Who is the Line M man?

We see our customers are result-driven men who care for their skin but also for the environment. They categorically fall into the LOHA segment. LOHA is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

What trends do you see in the men's grooming industry?

Anti-Aging is the major trend going forward. Anti-Aging concepts and products are still mainly targeted at women but will soon reach the market for men’s cosmetics products.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Line M will be available at our first ever pop up, starting 6th June at The Koppel Project, 93 Baker Street, W1U 6RL. Click here to RSVP to the event.