Top Instagrammers

As a store which seeks to curate other brands Instagram is a platform we have come to like and use a lot. It helps us discover new brands we like from all over the world and just as importantly cool Instagrammers with their unique sense of style and eye for composing a scene. We have a soft spot for still life but love travel, urban and wildlife too


Alice Gao: The queen of the golden light. We love her eye and style. Everything she puts out is effortlessly cool. 





















Aiala Hernando: Her images perfectly capture emotions and movement. The ability to make the simple look magical is unsurpassed. 

A guy called Patrick: We like the diversity of his portfolio. From self portraits to his trademark #dailycortado to New York scenes, he encapsulates the lifestyle photographer.

National Geographic: Its not just the new kids, this old favourite brings the natural world to what can be monotonous pictures of latte art and cat videos.


Amy Sall: Fashion, history and visual commentary on Africa's Colonial past from this Columbia University grad student. 

John Stoffer That Iced latte...

Howl Hemulen: A precocious talent. Watch this space

Vitaliy Raskalov: We have loved this guy for a while. Jaw dropping urban photography #ontheroofs

Abby Ross: OK she doesn't share that much of her content on Instagram but visit her website to see some amazing images.