7 Things we love this Summer

Here are a few things that have been catching our eye over the Summer in London. 

Yoga at the Sky Garden: An energizing way to start your day with a stunning juxtaposition of the natural and man made. 


Outdoor swimming at the Kings Cross Pond: For those still daunted by the murky waters of Hampstead Ponds and the Serpentine, a nice compromise between natural but tamed! 



Carousel: A rotation of some amazing chefs. We sampled the delights of Jeremy Chan's Ikoyi, a West African influenced four course dinner. The beef suya was a highlight. 


Fragrances from Perfumer H: Lynn Harris, formerly of Miller Harris has set up a wonderful atelier in Marylebone, a stone's throw from where we had our pop up. We are loving our summer fragrance of Mediterranean. It smells of the Amalfi Coast! 


We are big fans of the New York design scene especially firms like Apparatus and Calico. Somehow we overlooked Lindsey Adelman. Her lighting designs are works of art.



Escubac: A new modern liquor developed in East London 


Terrace at the Chiltern Firehouse 

Ignore the poseurs and wannabes, this is a lovely spot, thoughtfully decorated. The terrace and gardens are beautiful. Go on a sunny morning for breakfast and have the place to yourself. 

 All images credit to copyright holders.