Meet the Maker: Ashley Bezamat

Dom Vetro was one of the 1st brands we started with. Its normally a leap of faith for a brand to entrust you with their products when you don't have a track record but its proved to be successful partnership. Dom Vetro is one of our best selling brands and is the embodiment of the type of product we love- made by true craftsmen in the Italian Alps, beautiful and not over exposed. We met with Ashley, the founder in NYC last year and talked a bit about his journey. He even bought us a really good lunch at  a nice sandwich and juice place in Williamsburg called Summers Brooklyn and gave us a little tour around the 'hood. :-)


LG: Tell us a bit about your journey to founding Dom Vetro? What were you doing before and what inspired you to make the switch ?

AB: Dom Vetro started as a personal interest. It was a passion and I didn't set out to build a brand - just share an experience with friends and people who were interested. Now, the company is quite established and I need to think about very practical business questions, so my education has been helpful. But more than building a brand, my focus remains on making a beautiful product and sharing that quality and craftsmanship with the world.

LG: Walk us through your process for a new frame design? Is it based on old vintage styles, what is currently in vogue, materials you like...?

​AB: The process starts with sketches - lots of them - and then sampling. It's only with the physical samples that I can get the shape and fit the way I want them. Drawings never completely translate to the physical product. As for what's in vogue - you'll see when I introduce my new collection in March / April. I think you're going to love the aesthetic. ​

LG: Where do you look for inspiration ? Which Brands do you like ? 

​AB: Each season comes as a wave of new colors, smells and sounds. My inspiration comes from my environment, wherever I am - that's typically the place I discover new things.​ There's always a lot more than meets the eye at first - you just have to look for it. ​

LG: Favourite holiday destination ? 

AB: The summer plan is to go sailing off the coast of Croatia or in the Greek islands with a group of our close friends.
 Dom Vetro

LG: What's in your black book in Brooklyn? 

​AB: Ringolevio for dinner. Wythe hotel for brunch. ​Joe's Pizza - one of my favorite spots in the West Village - just opened a new location on Bedford. It's worth checking out. 
Ringolevio 490 Humboldt St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Joe's Pizza 216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Wythe Hotel 80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Images from High Snob Society and Dom Vetro