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Lemon Story Yuzu Marmalade 110 g

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  • Lemon Story is the Mediterranean jam larder that was established out of a family-run plantation in Provence who have specialised in citrus fruits for over 10 years. Until now, these fruits had only been offered to chefs. The citrus' are grown sustainably and seasonally. Upwards from 400 trees yield over three tons of citrus each year, with varieties such as yuzu, Kaffir lime, Meyer lemon, bergamot and more
  • Lemon Story creates real products of character and authenticity in an approach that marries simplicity and high standards with ease and great taste. All jams are made in Provence, in Lemon Story's workshop, in the heart of their rare citrus grove. They work in small quantities using fresh, seasonal fruits and traditional methods. Each fruit is peeled, zested, seeded and cut by hand using old-fashioned cooking in copper cauldrons
  • Lemon Story's yuzu marmalade is made from the fruits on their plantation
  • Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan. Visually it looks like a small grapefruit, though its skin is thick and bumpy. It uniquely changes shade throughout the season as it grows, beginning as green at the start of the season and finishing orange-yellow at the end. It is a precious and unique citrus fruit that offers a multitude of scents and flavours. Although the yuzu fruit can remain to mature on the tree, it will lose its sugar content, though its zest scent profiles will still continue to evolve
  • Notes of lime, grapefruit & tangerine with acidity and freshness. There are also pieces of candied yuzu bark within the marmalade bark for extra enjoyment
  • Yuzu pairs wonderfully with a chocolate ganache and is also excellent with sheep's cheese



  • 110 g

Additional Information


  • Ingredients: yuzu, sugar, and pectin if necessary
  • Prepared with a minimum of 58 g of fruit per 100 g 
  • 51 g  of sugar per 100 g
  • Keep cool after opening and consume quickly

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