Apparatus Candle Blocks


Approx 3 weeks lead time

Product Details
  • Apparatus, a New York based lighting design studio that fuse's sculptural form with hand worn materials to produce objects that are at once time worn and thoroughly modern.
  • Inspired by Precision studio tools, the candle block is a triangular form with fine interlocking teeth that allows the creation of modular arrangements.
  • A set of two triangular blocks can be positioned to burn either 1 or 2 candles or used as a book stop.
  • Multiple sets can be combined to create a table scape that feels both ancient and futuristic.
  • Candle Blocks are made from Waxed Brass over Steel.
  • All hand made in New York. 
  • 8.25 cm by 13.97cm
    Materials & Care
    • Waxed Brass Over Steel
    • Read care leaflet before use.