Aurora Ray


Approx 3 weeks lead time

Product Details
  • Calico aims to raise wallpaper to the status of art through their original use of gilded metallic colours and a buoyant style which creates depth and movement. It combines traditional methods from the decorative arts with innovative digital technology. 
  • A reflection on the endless variation in each day’s cycle of dawn and dusk. A song to the feeling of dawn on the Atlantic, Ray never fails to capture our heart each morning. Price per sq/metre from £300 approximately 
    • Each order is bespoke and custom printed in Brooklyn New York. The wallpaper is seamless and non-repeating when installed. There is no standard roll or panel size however the maximum panel width is 52 inches. 
    • The standard lead time is 8 weeks with rush orders available in 4 weeks at a 30% markup. 
    • Custom colours are available. Please see Calico catalogue for the full collection 
    • Samples are 8 inches (width) by 10 inches (height)
    • Actual rolls are custom printed and will vary with a maximum width of 56 inches.
    Materials & Care
  • The product is printed on a Type II Substrate, a vinyl wall covering that is scuff-resistant and can tolerate moisture and heat.