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Bermondsey Street Bees Natural Beeswax Candles

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Product Details
  • Award winning Bermondsey Street Bees honey makes honey and beeswax-based products from a sustainable approach. They supply characterful, raw, single-source honeys to chefs, bartenders and consumers who want to support British beekeeping
  • Bermondsey Street Bees believe in artisanal raw honey production as well as traditional ways of beekeeping that always place bee welfare first. They have their own apiaries in and around London and also keep bees for some visionary organisations who support their sustainability agenda through their own commitments to net biodiversity gain
  • Handmade from honeycomb textured beeswax foundation, these tall dinner candles have a divinely honeyed smell (stronger in the natural candles than the white ones) and an intriguingly gothic look
  • 2 in a pack 
  • 34 cm (height)
Materials & Care
  • Beeswax