Carrés Sauvages

Carrés Sauvages Grand Cru Chocolate Bar

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Product Details
  • Carrés Sauvages is a Parisian chocolate brand that values quality, ethics, sustainability and really good tasting chocolate. After being fermented and dried, Carrés Sauvages' cacao beans are uniquely crushed and ground at a low temperature in order to retain valuable nutrients and original taste. Their beans come from small communities in the Peruvian amazon, are Fair Trade and also organic
  • 75% dark chocolate with soft and fruity flavour notes
  • Strong, without bitterness. Made from raw Criollo (native cacao) beans from Peru, coconut blossom sugar, a touch of cocoa butter and that's it!
  • 70 g
Additional Information
  • Ingredients: Raw Criollo cacao beans from Satipo Peru, coconut blossom sugar from Indonesia, cocoa butter
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