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Casa Bosques

Casa Bosques Hoja Santa Dark Chocolate Bar


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Product Details
  • Casa Bosques is a creative platform by Savvy Studio that develops products of a permanent and sustainable nature by collaborating with experts in various disciplines who share this same philosophy
  • Casa Bosques Chocolates is a collaboration with the master chocolatier Jorge Llanderal. Going through the line of the Equator to the best places where cacao is found, and combining it with different spices
  • The rare white Criollo cacao bean located in the Mexican state of Tabasco. Harvested under certified organic conditions, the Criollo cocoa bean represents less than 0.1% of all the cocoa harvested in the world, a fermented, single-origin 70% chocolate with zero cocoa butter
  • A single leaf of the native ‘Hoja Santa’ plant is embedded in each bar, creating a unique and spontaneous shape that disrupts the chocolate’s surface preserved in a fine layer of raw organic cane sugar. Considered in ancient times as a mystical herb with spiritual properties, ‘Hoja Santa’ is known for its gastronomic uses and for its medicinal properties as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • This pale, creamy chocolate is nuanced with citrus, aniseed and caramel notes
  • 80 g
Additional Information
  • Ingredients: organic heirloom cacao bean, hoja santa and cane sugar
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