ILĀ Black Lava Salt

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  • ILĀ is a collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen and home, carefully sourced from farms, purveyors and artisans around the globe. Each product has been selected for its integrity and delivered with great care and purpose. Their aim is to inspire people to gather, cook and celebrate the act of a shared meal

  • The origin of ILĀ is rooted in Hindu Mythology, and is named after a woman whose story is deep in meaning and tale. She is of irresistible beauty; she is gentle, kind and a spirit of the ground. Literally translated, ILĀ in Sanskrit means earth, beauty and prayer

  • Found in the Pacific waters surrounding the island of Molokai, this Black Lava Salt is harvested by hand using a thousand-year-old tradition
  • The sun’s penetrating rays help preserve the salt in its purest state; its black colouring is drawn from activated coconut shell charcoal found in the earth. Renowned for its health benefits, which include antioxidant properties and enhanced digestive health
  • A smoky, crispy salt
  • 170 g
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  • Harvested in Molokai, Hawaii
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