Octaevo Ivory Venus Paper Vase


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Product Details
  • Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired Barcelona based brand, creating refined products for the desk and home
  • This handcrafted flower vase takes you on a voyage around the Mediterranean. Made of special water-resistant paper, it´s a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. Use this eye-catching vase to adorn your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift
  • Venus: 'She is the Goddess of Goddesses, the embodiment of love, beauty and desire, magnificently graceful, enchanting and so many things more... She puts a spell on you, and now you are hers.'
  • How-To:
    • Carefully cut off the top of a plastic bottle. Alternatively use a medium-sized glass or a ceramic vessel. Top the container half-way up with water and place it on a flat surface
    • Open the paper vase by gently pushing in the edges and slip it over the container. The vase is made of water-resistant paper. Should the paper get wet, simply let it dry
    • 215 x 290 mm
    Materials & Care
    • 180 gr water-resistant paper
    • Print: Offset with metallic gold foil stamping
    • Embellishment: Laminated and sewn by hand