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OEDO-KOH Water Drop Incense


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Product Details
  • OEDO-KOH incense is a high quality Japanese incense made by Nippon Kodo. This series was created to represent a range of scenes inspired by the art, craft and culture of old Edo – the Japanese city now known as Toyko. Each of the six incense in this series tell a different story of a type of person from this era
  • As you light the incense, an enticing wisp of smoke beckons you to Edo’s urbane world of iki (which means an urban "dandyism" of the Edo era). The aroma will send you back in time and may awaken memories that lie deep within
  • The incense is nestled in a paulownia box while the packaging is adorned with Japanese patterns in traditional colours. Ukiyo-e paintings are printed on the inside of the box, expressing the aesthetic of the Edo period
  • Each incense includes a metal incense holder that resembles the stone pavements of Edo
  • Water Drop: A warm and friendly fragrance for after bath time.  In the Edo Period people did not have baths at home, therefore public bath houses were built to meet the need. A popular item for these bath house-goers was a scented lotion made with distilled floral essences using a device called "ranbiki". The Water Drop Incense emulates those olfactory notes of floral warmth, like the moment you step out of a bath
      • 60 Sticks - Approximately 12 min burn time per stick
      • Metal Incense Holder - One Size
        Materials & Care
        • The incense holder can be cleaned by rinsing with water and wiping dry with a cloth
        • This incense has no bamboo core which allows for a clean burning, pure scent
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