Régime des Fleurs

Return Candle


Approx 3 weeks lead time

Product Details
  • Régime des Fleurs draws from nature, history, and art. Founded in Los Angeles in 2014 by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, longtime friends and collaborators who bonded over a mutual love of flowers. The brand communicates the profundity of flowers
    • The Artefacts Collection: Perfumed candles inspired by the ancients
    • French: c. 1764,  Ambergris, oakmoss, powdered tobacco, labdanum resin, muguet, honeybrush
    • "It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection." Voltaire
    • Bisque porcelain vessel. 
    • 40 Hours Burn Time
    Materials & Care
    • Do not leave candles burning unattended.