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Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Winter

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  • Founder Susanne, of the eponymous skincare brand, Susanne Kaufmann, grew up immersed in an understanding of the local traditions of the Bregenzer forest in the Alps, and the beauty and wellness benefits that could be found in the plants that grew in abundance in the area
  • Today the Susanne Kaufmann brand combines Susanne’s expertise in natural ingredients and skincare philosophy with her values for innovation and sustainable living, which she shares with customers all over the world
    • The Oil Bath Winter is a cult classic, consisting of cinnamon, clove and orange oils, along with botanicals gathered from the Alpine Bregenzer forest, for a relaxing indulgent experience after a strenuous day
    • The velvety consistency and beneficial aroma of real essential oils nourish and pamper the skin and the senses. Essential oils protect and moisturise the skin
    • Add 30 ml for a luxurious bath 
    • 250 ml
    Additional Information
    •  Enjoy the beneficial, essential scents of the oil bath for the senses for 10 to 20 minutes at 37°C