The Busted Gentleman

The Busted Gentleman Orpheus Sculpture Candle

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Product Details
  • Inspired by the idealised forms of classical antiquity, The Busted Gentleman candle series takes its inspiration from the weathered and sometimes broken remains of what has survived the intervening centuries, from that time and place to present
  • Venerated by the Greeks of the classical age as the musician and poet par excellence, Orpheus, ‘the father of songs’, represents the very summit of human artistic endeavour. So exceptional his talents that even the natural world would yield to his charms with beasts and birds, rocks and trees induced to swoon and dance
  • Dented, grazed, this piece is a soy-wax tribute to the weathered but unbroken ideals embodied by Orpheus and the centrality of artistic beauty in life
  • Hand-poured in Melbourne, Australia
  • 20 cm height x 18 cm width
Materials & Care
  • Soy Wax
  • Not recommended for burning
  • Please note: as these are hand-poured slight imperfections do occur