Maison Balzac

Maison Balzac Pink Brule Parfum Oil Burner

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Product Details
  • We invite you to partake in a silent perfume ceremony thanks to three simple steps:
    1. Gently pour fresh water into the circular recipient                               (half level is perfect – approximately 100 ml)
    2. Delicately add 3-5 drops of the Maison Balzac oil burner blend or any pure essential oil or blend thereof into the water
    3. Ignite the tea light with a matchstick or lighter and relax as the gentle warmth of the light infuses the air with sensorial aromatics
  • Each oil burner comes with a single Australian beeswax tea candle
  • Maison Balzac oil burner blend sold separately
  • One Size
  • Approximately 12 cm high and 10 cm wide (across top)
Materials & Care 
  • Heat resistant coloured glass
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