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The Qi Royal Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

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  • The Qi (meaning Life Energy) was born out of the belief in the interconnectedness of inner and outer beauty and in the power of flowers and their ability to promote a deep-sense of holistic well-being. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, when a plant flowers it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy Qi. All of The Qi's flowers come from family-owned farms that offer only single-origin whole flower herbs, as they consistently  yield the richest flavonoids, nutrients and aroma
  • Chrysanthemum tea promotes immunity, heart health, vision health, and more. The Qi's organic Royal  Chrysanthemum has a delicate fragrance and a mildly sweet, herbal flavour with notes of honey in the finish
  • 9 individually-packed royal chrysanthemum flowers. Each flower is good for a total of 3 brews in a 6-7 oz cup
  • For in-depth information on how to brew your flower tea, click here
  • 9 individually packed flowers – makes 27 cups
    Materials & Care
      • Flowers are single-origin, organically grown, non-GMO, caffeine free and vegan
      • The Royal Chrysanthemum flowers are from Jiangxi, a southeast Chinese province across from HK, known for its pastoral landscapes of rice paddies, rivers, and mountains, centered on the Gan River valley